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Diary of an Overacheiver

By Sarah Smit Tim Thomas has had many titles in his life; full time student at Murdoch, part time minion at Stefen’s Books, and curator of an extensive collection of waistcoats. Currently he’s a Murdoch graduate and the owner of Dymocks Subiaco. Metior caught up with Tim to discuss his most miraculous achievement; working in his field after graduating.  … Continue reading Diary of an Overacheiver

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Interview with Perth Comedian: Patrick Marlborough

Patrick Marlborough is a Perth based comedian and freelance writer, namely for Vice and Junkee. Last February Patrick dropped his first comedy 'mixtape' “Barley Bombings – Goofs By Patrick Marlborough”. Barley bombings is a collection of Marlborough’s live performances recorded over the past 2 years. His recent debut is fearlessly funny. Barley Bombings provides an… Continue reading Interview with Perth Comedian: Patrick Marlborough

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‘Speaking of….’ A Chat with Nicholas Tan

By Sarah Smit Nicholas Tan is an award-winning writer and recently premiered his new play, Five, Six at Studio 411 for the Fringe Festival. METIOR caught up with him to discuss his directoral debut and indie theatre in Perth. This is your first time directing, right? That's correct. I did some assistant directing 3 years… Continue reading ‘Speaking of….’ A Chat with Nicholas Tan

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[Review] Five, Six by Nicholas Tan

By Michael Wood Earlier this month the METIOR team had the privilege of attending a preview performance of Nicholas Tan’s upcoming Fringe Festival show Five, Six here at Murdoch’s own Studio 411. Adapted from an award winning ten-minute piece, which Tan wrote but did not direct, the feature-length incarnation of the story marks Tan’s directorial… Continue reading [Review] Five, Six by Nicholas Tan