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Western Australia Decriminalizes Abortion, Marking Historic Reform

Western Australia Decriminalizes Abortion, Marking Historic Reform

Western Australia has taken a significant step towards reproductive rights by decriminalizing abortion. The new laws, which came into effect on March 27, 2024, mark a historic reform for the state and bring it in line with the rest of Australia.

A Long Journey:

Prior to this change, Western Australia was the last Australian jurisdiction to have abortion listed in its criminal code (as reported by Wikipedia: This meant that while the procedure was legal under certain circumstances, it could theoretically lead to criminal charges for both the woman seeking the abortion and the healthcare provider performing it.

Landmark Changes:

The new legislation removes abortion from the criminal code entirely (as reported by the Western Australian Government: This change not only eliminates the potential for criminalization but also signifies a shift in how abortion is viewed – as a healthcare decision rather than a criminal act.

Improved Access:

Beyond decriminalization, the new laws aim to improve access to abortion services for Western Australian women. According to a media statement from the WA Minister for Women’s Interests (as reported by CGTN:, these changes include:

  • Removing the requirement for mandatory counseling
  • Reducing the number of doctors needed to approve most abortions from two to one
  • Increasing the gestational limit for abortions requiring additional approvals from 20 to 23 weeks

These measures aim to streamline the process for women seeking abortions and reduce unnecessary hurdles.

Looking Forward:

The decriminalization of abortion in Western Australia is a significant victory for reproductive rights advocates. It ensures safe and legal access to abortion services for women in the state and signifies a progressive shift in attitudes towards reproductive healthcare. While the debate surrounding abortion may continue, this reform represents a major step forward for Western Australia.






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