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‘Trump is f****d’: Court hears of shock texts

In a recent court session, messages exchanged among individuals involved with Donald Trump have been presented, coinciding with a stern warning to the former president about potential imprisonment. Following a court order, Trump reluctantly removed nine social media and website posts that violated a gag order in his hush money trial, accompanied by a reminder of the consequences of disregarding judicial instructions.

During the proceedings, jurors were exposed to a text message proclaiming, “Trump is f****d,” alongside an alleged pseudonym attributed to him by his associate during negotiations involving payments to a pornographic actress. Subsequently, Judge Juan Merchan admonished the former president, imposing a contempt of court fine and cautioning him regarding the looming prospect of incarceration for recurrently breaching the gag order.

Despite complying with the directive by deleting the posts shortly before the deadline, Trump expressed dissatisfaction by launching a fresh social media post castigating the judge and decrying the supposed infringement on his freedom of speech. Notably, the judge clarified that Trump was free to criticize him, highlighting the specificity of the court order’s restrictions aimed at preventing disparagement of witnesses or jurors in the ongoing trial concerning alleged concealment of hush money payments.

The gag order, designed to avert potential disruptions to the legal proceedings, specifically prohibited Trump from maligning individuals involved in the case, including the porn star Stormy Daniels. Judge Merchan, citing nine instances of violations—seven on social media and two on his website—levied fines totaling $13,856 and cautioned that further transgressions could result in incarceration.

One of the contentious posts purportedly misrepresented statements from a Fox News host, intended to undermine the integrity of the jury selection process. Despite arguments from Trump’s legal counsel contending that his social media activity was reactive to perceived attacks, the judge deemed such assertions tenuous, emphasizing the necessity for adherence to the court’s directives.

In addition to courtroom developments, revelations surfaced regarding exchanges between individuals involved in the Stormy Daniels affair, shedding light on the intricate dynamics surrounding the controversy. Text messages between Keith Davidson, a former attorney for Daniels, and Dylan Howard, then-editor of the National Enquirer, provided insight into the behind-the-scenes negotiations and strategies employed to manage the fallout from damaging revelations.

Furthermore, disclosures regarding pseudonyms utilized by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, to obscure the identities of involved parties underscored the clandestine nature of the proceedings. Cohen’s role in facilitating payments related to the Daniels affair, including his purported personal involvement in the transaction, raised questions regarding Trump’s direct involvement and financial responsibilities.

As the legal saga unfolds, the courtroom drama surrounding Trump’s alleged indiscretions continues to captivate attention, underscoring the complexities and ramifications of his tumultuous presidency.






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