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Teacher busted ‘making out’ with 11-year-old allegedly moved his desk so she could rub his legs during class

Fresh allegations have surfaced regarding the concerning behavior of a Wisconsin teacher who was apprehended for purportedly engaging in inappropriate behavior with an 11-year-old student in her classroom.

Madison Bergmann, the accused teacher, reportedly adjusted the placement of the student’s desk next to hers, purportedly enabling her to touch him discreetly during class without detection by other students, according to CBS News Minnesota.

Concerns were raised when the mother of another student overheard her son conversing with the teacher over the phone. The student had allegedly been instructed to remain in the classroom during lunch breaks, leading to suspicions that he was consistently getting into trouble.

The victim himself corroborated these claims to law enforcement officials. He disclosed that Bergmann would often stroke his thigh and calves during independent reading sessions, taking advantage of the strategic positioning of his desk within her classroom at River Crest Elementary School in Hudson.

Allegedly, these interactions escalated to instances where Bergmann would kiss the student, either after school or during lunch breaks when other students were absent.

Bergmann, 24, now faces charges of first-degree child sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. Disturbingly, it’s reported that the boy’s family had formed a friendship with Bergmann, even going so far as to accompany her on a skiing trip to a nearby resort, during which Bergmann purportedly obtained the boy’s phone number.

The situation came to a head when the boy’s mother overheard a troubling phone call and subsequently informed the father. Upon discovering incriminating text messages between Bergmann and the student, the father took swift action, presenting the evidence to the school authorities, prompting an immediate investigation by law enforcement.

Searches of Bergmann’s belongings allegedly yielded handwritten letters addressed to the victim, wherein she professed love for him, expressed desires for physical intimacy, and indicated an obsession with him.

Bergmann, currently free on a $US25,000 ($38,000) bond, has taken measures such as deactivating her social media accounts and has been prohibited from accessing school premises or participating in school-related events.

Furthermore, her impending marriage to Sam Hickman has been indefinitely postponed, leaving Hickman and those close to him reeling from shock and disappointment over the situation.






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