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Ruby Red Fatales – FRINGE REVIEWS

Advertised as a war set comedy/cabaret, ‘Ruby Red Fatales’ provides relief and enjoyment from the first haunting dance to the last cheeky remark. What began as a typical (but sexy as all hell) 20th-century burlesque dance, quickly changed its tone to one of romance and humour. While not intentionally serious, the romantic story-arc does gently… Continue reading Ruby Red Fatales – FRINGE REVIEWS

Comedy, Culture, Theatre

The unTrue Detective – FRINGE REVIEWS

Lets start the Fringe season with a classic theatrical comedy. Nothing whets the appetite for what’s to come more than a blend of quiet chuckles and thoughtful intrigue. The show ‘The unTrue Detective” does not disappoint. Now spurred on to see every show under the sun, it was great to see something at the award… Continue reading The unTrue Detective – FRINGE REVIEWS


Hey Geronimo – Crashing into the Sun Review

By Rhys Prka Hey Geronimo are an Australian five piece band from Brisbane and  their debut album is ‘Crashing Into The Sun’, an interesting endeavour that shows a lot of promise. The band has been around for a while, dropping two EPs since 2012, but they have been quiet for a few years and it shows in… Continue reading Hey Geronimo – Crashing into the Sun Review