Corner Pocket

I’ve bitten my fingernails right down, down to you
and I can’t stop moving
Culled all my sulky inclinations
Thought I did, thought I eliminated it/them/I guess
Some things will always feel comfortable

Familiar wall for my back to recall old flame,
Allure is ebbing truly
All I’m missing is sleep and the chance to repeatedly
Pick and unpick all my seams. Continue reading

Never have I dreamt of this before

Never have I dreamt of this before
by Phillip Ellis

Never have I dreamt of this before.
You are as a mystery of glory,
making me know this, beloved adored
never have I dreamt of this before.

Of your reveries I set store,
adoring alone the divine story
never had I dreamt of this before:
you are as my mystery of glory.

Since the darkness

Since the darkness
by Sue Clennel

Since the darkness I have been on the wrong side, the listing side of the ship.

There are always new arrivals
who wait with me to watch the moon suck us in.
Balancing, balancing.
Scared of the flick knives of cold Januarys.
Scared of the barbed kisses of fished out Mondays.

On shore, beefy voices tell us to sing,
commend a new glue for this crew of scraped knees,
sigh navigator wise at our silent impasse.

The New Day

The New Day
by Phillip Ellis

I will drown in the new day
as though it, too, were an ocean.
And there’s more than to just say
I will drown in the new day:
I’ll seek beauty, float away
on the high tide’s sweet emotion,
I will drown in the new day
as though it, too, were an ocean.

On a New World

“On a New World”
by Phillip Ellis

Above the vaulted sky hung silently,
lonely upon such an empty world,
silence, lay around me,
and it fenced me into the thought of gods
but of them none ever was,
the sky, still as sigh or stone, ever alone, ever alone.