How to be Environmentally Friendly

Every night on the news we see devastating pictures of habitat loss and extreme pollution, it can really make someone feel small and insignificant (in comparison to nature, aren’t we?). Hopefully some of you think ‘what could I possibly do to change it?’ Well the good news is every little bit helps. No, really. We… Continue reading How to be Environmentally Friendly

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Rise of the e-Book and What it Means for the Aspiring Writer…

Getting published is difficult, I know. When I began my quest to get published, I initially focussed on the traditional publishing houses, with little success. It was when a friend suggested I try approaching some e-publishers that my labours were truly rewarded. The aspiring author is likely to face multiple rejections and heartbreaking critiques in… Continue reading Rise of the e-Book and What it Means for the Aspiring Writer…


Behind the Screens Diary of a Student Filmmaker

If you’re a writer and don’t have children of your own or even a smallish furry domesticated animal to project your procreative instincts upon you come may to regard your words as your babies. You will need to get over it. And fast. Sometimes a favourite scene or a treasured line needs to be sent to the cutting room floor for the sake of expediency. And though it may seem like a cruel exercise in infanticide, as a student filmmaker you are limited for time and resources and if you go over your allotted time limit you will be marked down. Your tutors are not going to sit through a three hour epic, no matter how lovingly crafted, when they have specifically asked for a five minute short.


When Writing My Book

Head Hopping Hi, my name is Nicola Sheridan, I am a contracted author currently enduring the editing process of my first published book ‘Magical Gains’, the first in a trilogy of paranormal romance novels. Throughout the process of writing my book, I have come across a number of problems that I have learnt to solve,… Continue reading When Writing My Book