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Shocking new footage of woman wheeling dead uncle into bank to take out loan

In a bizarre incident reminiscent of the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” a Brazilian woman faces criminal charges after attempting to get a loan with the help of her deceased uncle.

42-year-old Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes wheeled the lifeless body of 68-year-old Roberto Braga into a bank branch in Rio de Janeiro. Shocking footage captured by bank staff shows Nunes at the teller’s counter with Braga in a wheelchair, urging him to sign loan documents.

Nunes is heard saying, “Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign,” while maneuvering a pen in Braga’s limp fingers. When a concerned bank worker points out Braga’s unwell appearance, Nunes dismisses it, claiming that’s how he always is.

Suspicious of the situation, bank staff started filming and called emergency services. Paramedics confirmed Braga was deceased upon arrival, leading to Nunes’ arrest.

Police Chief Fábio Luis Souza stated, “She tried to get him to sign the loan, but he was already dead.” Nunes claims Braga died in the wheelchair, but authorities suspect otherwise.

Investigators are looking into the exact timeline of events, including when the loan was requested and if Braga was still alive then. Nunes faces potential charges of fraud, embezzlement, and abuse of a corpse.

Further details surfaced, revealing additional footage of Nunes pushing Braga’s body around a shopping center before entering the bank. Police are searching for the rideshare driver who dropped Nunes and Braga off.

Nunes maintains her story that Braga died at the bank. However, police reject this claim, citing physical evidence. Chief Souza commented, “In my entire career, I’ve never encountered anything like this.”






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