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Pro-Palestinian Protest Diverted from Met Gala

Hundreds of demonstrators rallied in support of Palestine and marched towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, where the famed Met Gala was underway.

The crowd, estimated at over 1,000 strong according to the NY Post, initially headed towards the museum but were diverted by police into Central Park. Frustration mounted as exits from the park were blocked, leaving protesters with nowhere to go.

Once outside the park, the group came within sight of the Met Gala, but a thick police line, two officers deep, prevented them from advancing. Chants of “Who do you serve? Who do you protect?” echoed through the streets as the protesters attempted to reach the event from different directions, only to be met with more barricades.

Reports from the NY Post indicate that police made at least 24 arrests, with some confrontations turning physical. The protest originated at Hunter College, where the activist group Within Our Lifetime organized a “Day of Rage” demonstration.

These demonstrations are part of a nationwide movement that has seen thousands of arrests on university campuses across the US. President Biden recently addressed the issue, emphasizing the importance of maintaining order while respecting the right to peaceful protest.

The Met Gala was anticipated to be a target for demonstrations, similar to the Oscars in March where protests caused traffic disruptions in Hollywood. Actor Mark Ruffalo, attending the Oscars, publicly supported the Palestinian cause and expressed frustration at the delays caused by the protests.






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