Head Hopping

Hi, my name is Nicola Sheridan, I am a contracted author currently enduring the editing process of my first published book ‘Magical Gains’, the first in a trilogy of paranormal romance novels. Throughout the process of writing my book, I have come across a number of problems that I have learnt to solve, and which I will be sharing with your through my ‘When writing my book…’ column. For this issue, I will be discussing ‘head-hopping’, a writer’s inability to plan or construct their story before writing, leaving one to guess and make up as they go along.

In October 2002, with many years of retail experience behind her, Shelley Rigney helped the St Vincent de Paul Society open the doors to a small, vibrant store in Northbridge, now affectionately known as Vinnies Retro.

To awaiting buyers, the little shop with the eccentric window displays and smiling faces behind the counter seemed like the perfect match to their party themes and 1970’s housewife look needs.

Eight years later and Shelley still stands behind every buy at Vinnies Retro, with the help of volunteers and Assistant Manager Kyle Pauletto.