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No Parole for Child Killer

Alex Murdaugh, the South Carolina attorney already serving life sentences for murdering his wife and son, has been slammed with another 40 years in federal prison. This latest sentence stems from a separate case where Murdaugh pleaded guilty to numerous financial crimes.

The former legal powerhouse embezzled millions of dollars from his clients, many of whom were vulnerable individuals including a quadriplegic, a state trooper, and even a trust fund for orphaned children. Prosecutors described Murdaugh’s actions as brazen and exploitative, targeting those who placed their trust in him.

Federal Judge Richard Gergel, in a scathing rebuke, disregarded the recommended sentence of 17-22 years and imposed a harsher term. He condemned Murdaugh for preying on “the most needy, vulnerable people” and scoffed at his claims of opioid addiction as a justification.

“No truly impaired person could pull off these complex transactions,” Judge Gergel declared, highlighting the deliberate nature of Murdaugh’s two-decade long scheme.

This sentencing likely marks Murdaugh’s final court appearance. He has already been disbarred and his appeals for a new trial in the murder case were recently denied.

While the sentences will be served concurrently, the financial crimes penalties provide a safeguard in case the murder convictions are overturned on appeal, an unlikely scenario.

Murdaugh’s downfall exposes a dark side of a once-respected legal dynasty. He hails from a prominent South Carolina family with a long history of serving as local prosecutors and attorneys. However, his greed and manipulation have tarnished the family legacy.

Murdaugh is also ordered to pay nearly $14 million in restitution to his victims, a small measure of justice for those he exploited.






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