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McDonald’s Worker allegedly beaten

A McDonald’s worker in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia, is calling for better security measures after he was allegedly assaulted by a group of teenagers while on the job. The incident, which has sparked outrage online and in the community, raises concerns about worker safety in fast-food restaurants.

According to a report by 9News, 22-year-old Khoby Dawson was working the overnight shift when a group of teenagers entered the restaurant with what appeared to be alcohol [1]. When Dawson asked them to take it outside, the situation escalated. The teenagers allegedly became agitated, threw cutlery at staff members, and eventually targeted Dawson [1].

“They started getting in my face and said ‘do you want a fight?’” Dawson recounted to 9News [1]. CCTV footage obtained by the news outlet shows Dawson being punched repeatedly by the group [1].

Another employee, Luke, intervened to try and protect his co-worker. “If (Luke) wasn’t there I don’t know what the outcome could’ve been,” Dawson said [1]. The manager reportedly called the police, who arrived 20-25 minutes after the incident, according to Dawson [1].

The alleged attack has left Dawson shaken and injured. He is calling for McDonald’s to improve security measures for late-night staff, suggesting limited service after a certain hour or the installation of security guards [1].

“We need better security, especially late at night,” Dawson told 9News [1]. “We’re not waiters, we’re not bouncers, we shouldn’t have to deal with this.”

McDonald’s Australia released a statement acknowledging the incident and stating that they are fully cooperating with the police investigation [2].

“The safety and wellbeing of our crew and customers is our top priority,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said [2]. “We are very concerned by the incident at our Raymond Terrace restaurant and are providing support to the crew member involved.”

The alleged assault has sparked outrage online, with many users calling for stricter consequences for the perpetrators and highlighting the need for better protection for fast-food workers.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by fast-food workers, particularly those working late-night shifts. It raises questions about the responsibility of employers to ensure employee safety in potentially volatile situations.


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