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Major Twist in the Case of Murdered Perth Brothers

In a significant development in the murder case of Perth brothers Jake and Callum Robinson and their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad, a crucial witness has come forward with damning testimony. The alleged ringleader, Jesus Gerardo, confessed to his girlfriend that he killed the trio, a court in Mexico has heard. This revelation has turned the tide of the investigation, providing the prosecution with vital evidence to build their case.

The harrowing incident took place during what was supposed to be an enjoyable surfing trip in Baja California. The three victims were killed in what prosecutors describe as a botched carjacking. The murders sent shockwaves through both the Australian and American communities, drawing attention to the dangers that can lurk even in seemingly idyllic settings.

The Confession

Jesus Gerardo, along with his brother Cristian Alejandro and his girlfriend Ari Gisel García Cota, were arrested following the disappearance of the Robinson brothers and Mr. Rhoad. The court proceedings in Ensenada revealed that Ari Gisel, who initially faced charges related to drug possession, has turned against Jesus, becoming a key witness for the prosecution.

During her testimony, Ari detailed a chilling confession from Jesus. According to her, Jesus, also known by the nickname “El Kekas,” admitted to her that he had “f***ed up three gringos” during the night of the murders. She further recounted that Jesus explicitly told her, “I killed them,” solidifying her role as a critical witness in the case.

Key Testimony

Ari’s testimony included detailed descriptions of the night the murders took place. She explained that Jesus took her outside to show her his car, which now had tires taken from the victims’ vehicle. This evidence was crucial, linking Jesus directly to the crime scene. Following this revelation, Ari fled to her mother’s house, where she was later arrested in possession of the victims’ phones and an unspecified quantity of illegal drugs.

Courtroom Drama

The courtroom in Ensenada was filled with tension as details of the case were presented. Alison Piotrowski, a correspondent for Nine News, reported live from the court, sharing that Ari’s testimony has become a cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. The court heard that the murders occurred on April 27, a weekend when the victims were supposed to be enjoying their time camping and surfing.

During the proceedings, Baja California’s Attorney General, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, outlined the charges against Jesus. He was charged with forced kidnapping and denied bail. As the investigation progresses, it is expected that these charges will be upgraded to murder.

The Investigation

The prosecutor’s office revealed that the Robinson brothers and Mr. Rhoad were ambushed while camping, with the intent of stealing their vehicle. When the victims resisted, they were killed. Evidence collected at the crime scene included tent rods, firearm shells, plastic gallon bottles, blood stains, and drag marks, all pointing to a violent struggle.

The burnt-out remains of the victims’ white Chevrolet Colorado were found, further solidifying the link between the accused and the crime. The bodies of the three men were later discovered in a well, hidden and covered with boards, near their campsite.

Legal Implications

The Ensenada judge raised questions about the feasibility of one person committing the murders alone. He suggested that the prosecution should consider the involvement of additional suspects, given the difficulty of moving and disposing of three bodies single-handedly. This observation indicates that the investigation might expand, potentially uncovering more individuals involved in the crime.

Family Tragedy

Amid the court proceedings, the parents of Callum and Jake Robinson, Martin and Debra Robinson, have been grappling with their immense loss. They formally identified the bodies of their sons, bringing a somber closure to their search but opening a new chapter of grief and legal battles. Their silent suffering was echoed by Callum’s girlfriend, Emily Horwath, who shared a poignant final voicemail from him, a stark reminder of the lives cut short by this brutal act.

Moving Forward

As the case against Jesus Gerardo and his accomplices moves forward, the testimony of Ari Gisel stands as a pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice for the Robinson brothers and Jack Carter Rhoad. Her decision to testify, despite the personal risk and her own charges, highlights the complexities and moral struggles inherent in such criminal cases.

The trial continues to capture public attention, not just for its tragic nature but also for the insights it provides into the workings of criminal justice in cross-national contexts. The collaboration between Australian, American, and Mexican authorities underscores the global effort to bring justice to the victims’ families.


The murder of Jake and Callum Robinson and their friend Jack Carter Rhoad has left an indelible mark on their communities. As the legal process unfolds, the testimonies and evidence presented will be crucial in ensuring that those responsible are held accountable. The courage of witnesses like Ari Gisel, who choose to speak out despite their fears, is a beacon of hope in the quest for justice.

As the world watches, the hope remains that this tragic case will lead to a fair trial and a just outcome, providing some solace to the grieving families and reaffirming the principle that such heinous acts will not go unpunished.nat






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