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Ed Sheeran and Cradle of Filth: Collaboration Confirmed, But Release Still Up in the Air

The internet has been abuzz with rumors of an unlikely collaboration between pop superstar Ed Sheeran and British extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. Let’s delve into news sources to see if there’s any truth to these whispers.


The Spark: An Interview Hints at a Possible Team-Up

In early 2021, sparks flew when Ed Sheeran revealed himself as a fan of extreme metal in an interview ( He even mentioned being a Cradle of Filth fan, specifically citing their single “Bad Habits” (though this is likely a playful reference to his own song of the same title).

Cradle of Filth Confirms Collaboration and Ed Sheeran’s Participation

Later in 2021, Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth confirmed the collaboration rumors in an interview with Kerrang! radio ( This sent shockwaves through the music world, with fans eager to hear this bizarre musical pairing.

Updates and Release Delays: A Long and Winding Road

Since the initial confirmation, news regarding the collaboration has been scarce. In March 2024, Dani Filth provided an update in an interview with Metal Hammer ( He revealed that Ed Sheeran had completed his parts and the song was nearing completion, with a potential release sometime in 2023.

However, more recent news suggests a further delay. An article from May 2024 in Loudersound ( states that the song might be a bonus track on Cradle of Filth’s upcoming album, with the release date pushed back to 2025.

So, What Does This Mean?

While the release date remains uncertain, there’s strong evidence that the collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Cradle of Filth is real. Ed Sheeran has reportedly completed his vocals, and the song is in the final stages of production. Whether it gets released as a single or a bonus track is yet to be determined, but fans of both artists can hold onto the hope of experiencing this unique musical experiment.






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