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Easter Shame for Australians

The recent Easter and Passover holidays sparked a conversation about how some major Australian corporations are acknowledging religious holidays. The question? Is there a shift towards downplaying Easter and Passover in favor of promoting other religious observances?

A Tale of Two Holidays:

A recent visit to a major shopping mall revealed prominent displays for Ramadan, a celebration observed by a smaller percentage of the Australian population, while Easter decorations were scarce. This has led some to believe corporations are prioritizing inclusivity for newer arrivals over established traditions.

Diversity vs Dilution:

Supporters of this approach argue that acknowledging a wider range of religious holidays fosters a more inclusive society. Australia’s multicultural makeup should be reflected in how businesses engage with their customer base.

However, critics argue that downplaying Easter and Passover, holidays deeply ingrained in Australian culture and heritage, weakens their significance. They believe corporations can strike a balance by acknowledging both established and newer religious observances.

Beyond the Decorations:

The debate extends beyond decorations. Does offering special working arrangements or paid leave for holidays like Ramadan translate to similar considerations for Easter and Passover?

Finding Common Ground:

Perhaps the answer lies in a more nuanced approach. Businesses can be sensitive to the multicultural landscape while still recognizing the historical and cultural weight of Easter and Passover in Australia. This could involve acknowledging both holidays with appropriate displays and potentially offering inclusive practices for employees of all faiths.

The Bottom Line:

The Easter and Passover controversy highlights the complexities of navigating religious diversity in a commercial setting. Open conversations about inclusivity and respecting traditions are crucial for businesses to find a balanced approach that resonates with their customers and workforce.






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