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Double murder of elderly campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay

The Victorian Supreme Court was presented with a perplexing case on Tuesday as the trial of airline pilot Gregory Stuart Lynn unfolded. Lynn, aged 57, stood accused of the alleged double murder of elderly campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay in March 2020. However, as the prosecution commenced its opening address, it became apparent that the motive behind these tragic events remained shrouded in mystery.

Daniel Porceddu, the prosecutor, outlined the prosecution’s case, detailing Lynn’s alleged presence at Buck’s Camp, a remote site in the Wonnangatta Valley, equipped with hunting gear, including a 12-gauge shotgun. According to Porceddu, Lynn encountered Hill and Clay during his camping excursion, leading to a dispute that escalated tragically. While the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths remained unknown, the prosecution contended that Lynn’s actions indicated a deliberate attempt to conceal evidence and distance himself from the events.

Allegations emerged that Lynn had moved the bodies of the deceased, tampered with their belongings, and attempted to destroy evidence by starting a fire. Moreover, he was accused of stealing personal items, including cards and cash, from the victims. Despite these claims, the precise manner in which Hill and Clay met their demise remained elusive.

Porceddu also shed light on interactions Hill and Clay had with fellow campers in the months leading up to their deaths, providing insight into their lives prior to the tragic events. The trial proceedings unfolded amidst a backdrop of anticipation, with fifteen jurors empanelled to ensure a fair deliberation process.

Throughout the hearing, Lynn maintained a watchful presence from the dock, attired in a navy jacket and a blue shirt. The public gallery, filled with onlookers, underscored the gravity of the proceedings as justice Michael Croucher presided over the trial.

As the trial continues, questions linger regarding the motive behind the alleged murders and the events that transpired on that fateful day in March 2020. The search for answers remains ongoing as the Victorian Supreme Court navigates the complexities of this haunting case.






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