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Defying Age: Argentinian Lawyer Vies for Miss Universe Crown at 60

Alejandra Rodriguez, a 60-year-old Argentinian lawyer, is challenging perceptions of beauty and rewriting the narrative of pageant contestants. Crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires in April, she stands a step closer to becoming the oldest woman to ever compete for the coveted Miss Universe title.

Rodriguez’s journey to the stage began with a rule change. Traditionally, Miss Universe contestants were restricted to a narrow age range of 18 to 28, along with marital and childbearing restrictions. However, in a progressive move, the pageant organizers announced a new policy in September 2023, opening the competition to women between 18 and 73, regardless of marital status or children. This shift in eligibility ignited a spark in Rodriguez, who previously believed she had surpassed the pageant’s age limit.

Prior to her legal career, Rodriguez honed her communication skills as a journalist. Now, she utilizes her legal expertise as a hospital’s legal advisor. But beyond these accomplishments, Rodriguez’s confidence stems from a healthy lifestyle that she credits for her youthful appearance.

“It’s all about leading a healthy life,” she emphasized in an interview with Argentinian television network El Trece. “Eating well and staying active are fundamental.”

Rodriguez emphasizes a balanced approach, focusing on healthy eating habits rather than extreme measures. “Intermittent fasting has been beneficial,” she shared. “I prioritize organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, alongside a good skincare routine.” Her exercise routine centers on regular walks with occasional jogging sessions, keeping it manageable and sustainable.

Rodriguez’s triumph at Miss Universe Buenos Aires emerged from a diverse pool of 35 contestants, reflecting the new age inclusivity of the pageant. “Our group spanned all ages, from 18 to 73,” she elaborated. “There were no age categories.”

Embracing this new era of beauty pageants, Rodriguez finds joy in representing a more inclusive vision. “It’s not just about physical beauty,” she declared. “These competitions now celebrate a broader range of values. I’m proud to be a pioneer in this new chapter, where women are recognized for more than just their appearance.”

Having secured the Miss Universe Buenos Aires title, Rodriguez sets her sights on the national Miss Argentina competition scheduled for May 25th in Buenos Aires. The ultimate goal, however, lies on the global stage – the Miss Universe pageant, scheduled for September 28th, 2024. With her determination, healthy lifestyle, and unwavering belief in the power of inner beauty, Alejandra Rodriguez is poised to make history as both a lawyer and a potential Miss Universe.






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