Makeup Review – Sugarpill Twin Star Collection

By Brittany Asplin

Need advice on makeup and skin care before you buy?  Let me help by trying it for you.

I always get excited when special edition collections are released in the makeup industry; but when it combines Sanrio characters with an amazing quality makeup brand, I must have it!

Sugarpill recently created a new makeup collection with the adorable Sanrio Twin Stars and makeup lovers around the world are falling in love it!  Sugarpill’s consistently smooth and pigmented formula combined with Kiki and Lala “who travelled to Earth to learn how to be the best, shiniest stars they can be” to make a super ‘kawaii’ collection.

The collection is a large six pan makeup palette, two liquid lip sticks, an adorable makeup bag and a treasure box.  The palette consists of a mix of three foiled shadows, a matte shadow and two frosted shades. It’s definitely is not a nude palette, but if you aren’t afraid of colour you’ll love it.  The names and colours of the shades also fit in theme with the Twin Stars:

  • Cloud Maker – foiled silvery blue
  • Star Ribbon – Matte aqua
  • Twinkle, Twinkle – Foiled astral gold
  • Dream Dust – Frosted peachy nude with pink champagne duo chrome
  • Sky Candy – Frosted baby pink
  • Wish – Foiled copper

When I test eye shadows for the first time I generally use a primer because my eye shadow tends to crease during the day, but even without the primer these shades are super pigmented and last all day.  Another plus is that the pans in this palette are huge! Compare a MAC eye shadow pan to a Sugarpill pan: you get 1.5 grams in a MAC pan compared to 2.5 grams (which in normal English means you get a lot more product.)

BRITTY TIP: If you want the foiled shades to pop, wet your brush a little using makeup spray, water, or even licking the brush before you dip it into the foiled shade.

The two liquid lipsticks are the exact same colours as the twins Kiki and Lala.  A gorgeous aqua and bubblegum pink infused with celestial gold sparkles that come to the surface the longer you wear them (or simply by rubbing your lips lightly together.)  The lipsticks have a slight ‘creamsicle’ scent (almost creamy ice cream) which is delicious but not overpowering. Some liquid lipsticks can make your lips feel dried out and crusty as the day goes on; but Sugarpill’s formula is buttery and moisturising so your lips don’t feel dry or cracked. And if you avoid intense make out sessions and don’t eat oily foods, this lippy will stay on all day.

BRITTY TIP: Moisturise your lips, it will help your lipstick last longer! Apply a bit of lip balm or lip cream to your lips before you do your makeup.  Let it soak in as you put on your makeup and then apply your lipstick when you finish.

If you buy the collection set, you also get an adorable makeup bag with Kiki and Lala on the cover and a cute treasure box.  The bag fits the palette perfectly with enough room for a couple lipsticks. However, it’s not overly large so if you are travelling you may need another bag for the rest of your makeup, or you could use it for your brushes, or as a super cute pencil case for uni.  The treasure box stores the makeup as it is posted but you can actually keep as a ‘memory box’ or ‘keepsake box’.

The whole collection is $79 US dollars (~$100 AUD).  If you just want the Lip Duo it’s $36 USD (~$46 AUD).  The eye shadow palette is $38 USD (~$49 AUD). Unfortunately, the bag and box is only available in the Twin Star Collection with the lip duo and the palette.  If you are on a budget this collection is not cheap, but Sugarpill’s quality has never failed me. The formulas are perfect, the colours are beautiful and incredibly pigmented, and the adorable packaging is one of the best things about this collection.  If you are a collector or makeup enthusiast like myself, I highly recommend this collection.

Ed Sheeran in concert: Holy shit someone came to Perth?

By Brittany Asplin

Sheeran’s second show at the new stadium; how did the new stadium measure up?

In the few months of the Optus Stadium being open, there has already been much debate over the new stadium, the controversial ‘public transport only’ route with no Ubers or any private cars asides from the expensive taxis; the overpriced food and drinks menu, and the delays of getting out of the stadium after a show or game.  With this article I hope to answer all these questions for you.

A lot of the public felt a bit shafted after learning that the easiest way to get to the stadium is by train.  I know, I was one of them. I had a drop off pick up plan with my parents and everything for the Ed Sheeran’s concert.  However, my boyfriend and I worked out the easiest way to get there was the new train shuttle that goes straight to the Optus Stadium from Perth Station.  And it was very simple, there was no real problem, our tickets for the concert included the public transport cost. The only real downside was the stairs. And there are a lot of them.  Going into the station off the platforms, getting out of the station and the same for going home. Yes there were elevators but unless you wanted to wait or were an invalid you would have no choice but to take the stairs.  But that is really the only down side to the public transport; everyone was polite, patient getting on and off the trains and it was a quick ride from the stadium.

Now the cost of drinks and food.  For a bottle of water and a mid-strength beer it amounted to $14.  For any uni student that alone is expensive. Although it costs as much as you would pay at the pub.  A full pint of beer costs at least $10. Food is also pretty expensive at the stadium, for a Mrs Mac’s pie and large chips costing $11.20.  But it seems like prices for food and drinks compared to other stadiums. See the link attached for more information on food and drinks costs and what they offer at the stadium:

Concert time!  All the lights went dark and this tiny red headed ant popped up on the stage!  Yeah we had seats up in the heavens (level 5), but why didn’t the stadium use the big screens?  If they just used the big screens behind the small stage setup then at least fans way up the back could see.  However, we had a great time; Ed had an amazing voice and the songs he played ranged from his new album and a few of his classics.  Ed looked like he was enjoying himself and wanted the crowd to enjoy themselves too; his audience interactions was good and even got people dancing in the aisles of the stadium.  There was talk by some fans on social media that it was a little hard to hear Ed when he was talking to the crowd, which was true. Although from where I was sitting drinking my beer I still could hear eighty five percent of what he was saying, and I am pretty sure other fans got the gist.  There was a magical moment when all the lights went out during A Team and everyone turned on their phone flashlights.  It looked like twinkling stars across the stadium.

Even though the stage they had setup was small compared to the massive stadium, and at times it was difficult to hear him talk, and yes it did take a while to get home; it was a great night out!  The music was good, everyone was having fun and singing along. Even on the train home people were singing together. It was a great night out and I’ll be looking out for tickets next time he comes back.

Life-hacks at Murdoch

By Adelaide Cromwell-Keenan

So you’ve enrolled at university, only to realise you have no idea what you’re doing? Join the club, buddy; here are some ways to decrease your culture shock.

  1. Realise that everyone has been just as lost when they first started. If you’re someone who doesn’t feel comfortable asking for directions, check out the map on the Murdoch website.
  2. The Student Centre is your best friend. If you have any questions about your units, courses, visa, or anything of the kind just drop into their building.
  3. If you miss a lecture make sure to catch up online. We’re leaving self-sabotage behind in 2017.
  4. Look to the Guild if you’re someone who might need to take advantage of the second hand bookstore and food bank.
  5. Murdoch offers a range of health services, including a free counselling service.
  6. Don’t underestimate the servo across the street. It may give you food poisoning, but the bargains are worth it.
  7. Take your student ID card everywhere. So many food places offer student discount if you flash your card.
  8. If you’re someone who may need your disability needs met, visit the Murdoch Equity and Social Inclusion office for enquiries.
  9. Talk to your classmates, they’ll know where to get free parking and the best websites to pirate your textbooks from. Plus, it’s less concerning when you drink at the Tav with friends.
  10. The bookstore is the perfect place to go at a last minute panic when realising you’ve left all your exam essentials at home. We’ve all been there.

The line with social media stalking.

You told yourself you’d go to sleep at 10. Now its 2 AM and you’re 2008 deep into your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s younger brother’s Facebook posts. Your eyelids start to droop; your thumb begins to tire and it’s only the pure adrenaline of one slip away from a like that sustains you. Maybe your brain even unhelpfully supplies scenarios where you commit the ultimate stalking mistake –the accidental share. Once that happens, you can only look down at your shaking hands, at the carnage you’ve caused, and think – how did it ever come to this? All that’s left is to wait for the inevitable nuclear war with North Korea because your social status is already dead. Goodbye, Insta-fame.

For those of us whose careers in social media stalking continue, it’s become a really acceptable part of life. Whether it’s because you want to make sure your tinder match isn’t a creep, find out if the girl your friend likes are hot or see if your ex is miserable without you – pretty much everyone has a quick stalk now and then. On multiple occasions, new friends have messaged me and openly admitted to stalking my profile after I accepted their request. It’s definitely the done thing and people aren’t afraid to admit it.

But can there be times where stalking someone on social media crosses the line into not-okay territory?


Cyberstalking is a crime in Australia, and although a regular peek at your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram likes doesn’t make you a proper criminal, if someone’s repeatedly contacting you on social media in a way that makes you feel threatened and uncomfortable that definitely crosses the line! It’s always good to know what your rights are in this kind of situation and don’t be afraid to ask for help, but of course, the first step you can take is hitting that block button!

While that line might be clear, there’s a lot of things that can be less transparent on the stalking scale – and not just harmful to the person you’re keeping tabs on, but harmful to you too.

If you love Aubrey Plaza, you might have heard about Ingrid Goes West, a movie where she becomes obsessed with this woman who has the ‘perfect life’ on Instagram so she literally moves across the country and steals her dog in order to engineer them becoming buds. That’s real extreme – but it’s easier than you might think to become obsessed with the lives of ‘influencers’ whether it’s Kylie Jenner or a girl from uni with 10K followers, buying what they wear or eating where they eat (although in Perth you’re probably just obsessed with good brunch, like literally everyone else).

If you wanted, you could literally know where a friend or partner was every second of the day.


Whether it’s someone you know or someone you don’t, spending more time stalking what other people are doing online rather than doing the numerous other things that could be doing isn’t a healthy habit. In fact, a study in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking found that regularly ‘stalking’ a partner on social media after a distressing break-up can be really unhealthy and enable obsessive and dependent behavior, as well as making it harder to move on.

Social media sites aren’t making it easier for us though. Responding to consumer demand, Instagram and Facebook have both unveiled the story functions (tbh no one’s using that FB one tho lmao) which means that across those and Snapchat we’re seeing what our friends are doing often you actually have to put in more effort not to know what they’re up to. And while location Facebook and Instagram had the OG location tagging function, Snapmaps takes it to a whole new level. If you wanted, you could literally know where a friend or romantic partner was every second of the day.

Ultimately, stalking someone on social media is usually harmless. It can give you lots of useful information: like when you accidentally forget someone’s name you met but you know their friends, or you want to know if someone’s single. But it’s too easy to be blasé about the fact that it’s only getting easier for someone to find out information about you from your social media. Sure, posting a few photos is harmless, but what happens if someone pieces all that information together?

Will they know something about you that you’d rather they didn’t?



Words: Georgia Renee



Photography: Sofia-Sekia Atrutkepic

Sofia-Seika Atrutkepic is a student studying photography here at Murdoch University. She loves travel, photography and has a Pug named Potato. I decided to find out more…


Hey Sofia, I love the Image you shot for the cover. How did you go about shooting it?

“I shot in the sound studio with my friend Imogen for a class. The assignment was on light gels and we shot Imogen’s sister Astrid.”


“I love people, I love expression, and I like capturing what I find is beautiful about someone, the special thing that makes them who they are.”

Can you tell us more about these photos from India? When did you go?

“I went last year (2016) in the uni holidays. I used this trip to work on my photography, and experience a different culture that was vastly different from Australia.”

Is there a particular reason why you chose India?

“Not particularly, as a student it was a destination that was suitable for my budget (laughs). But before my travels there I had seen some pictures that made it seem like such a magical place.”


How did you travel around India?

“I backpacked mostly. I started at the bottom of India (In Goa) and travelled around by bus, taxi, Tuk-Tuks and Rickshaws.”

You seem to love to shoot portraits, why is this?

“I love people, I love expression, and I like capturing what I find is beautiful about someone and what makes them who they are.”

And lastly, how is your pug Potato?

“Potato is great and loving his little doggy life. His best friends Jaffa and Jedha go for a walk together every day down in the field. He hasn’t been in any photoshoots lately but he makes a great assistant!”

Do you have any websites you want to share?

“My Facebook (Seika Photography) and you can follow my intragram @sofiaseika for more of my photography :).”