If you take a look at the photo from this year’s Listen Out Festival that accompanies this article, you’ll notice it’s one of Australian hip hop’s fastest rising stars – Tkay Maidza. Already coined as our own Azealia Banks (although I will argue she’s already surpassed that particular artist if not in talent, definitely in attitude), Maidza was the only female artist to grace the 2014 Listen Out touring lineup. Sure, there were some local acts in each state of the female DJ variety, but for the purpose of this article we’ll just be looking at the headline artists, the ones put on the bill to try and get you to buy a ticket.

Listen up

The idea intensified and has now morphed into more than just the ‘Radio and Sound Club’ that started it off; Radio Murdoch wants to be the voice of the student body and aims to do that by getting everyone involved.

“All good things come with groups of like-minded people getting together,” says Brian, noting that the station is for all students, regardless of faculty.

You have said the Life of Riley is all about being your own man and answering to yourself – do you believe this can be a reality or is it just another dream along the lines of world peace?

No, totally. Of course it could be a reality. It’s like you choose your own destiny. You can’t choose world peace ‘cause that’s changing everyone else, but you can change yourself. So it’s, you know, you pave your own path and you are the teller of your own destiny for sure. It’s your life of riley it’s not everyone else’s life of riley.

The Life of Riley was released on your own label – The Ayems. What is the meaning of the word ‘ayems’ and why did you choose it for the label?

The Ayems stems from a group of friends that I’ve grown up with that I’d like to carry on to my own label. So it doesn’t actually have any meaning, it’s just a graffiti crew that I’ve grown up with and we’ve just bought it over to the music side as well.

When I spoke to Harry James Angus the trumpet player and singer of The Cat Empire he was sitting outside the Harold Holt Memorial swimming pool in Melbourne. Like most of us Harry prefers the beach but according to him “in Melbourne there’s not really that much swimming to be done on the beach.”

Of course, in Victoria there is Cheviot Beach, named after the SS Cheviot which sank, resulting in the loss of thirty-five lives. It is also the infamous beach where Australia’s seventeenth Prime Minister Harold Holt went for a swim and never came back. If I had increased Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War – he coined the famous slogan “All the way with LBJ!” – I too might have left our shores without warning.

Fresh off the plane from London and very jetlagged, Alex Burnett, the talented artist behind Sparkadia talked to me about his new album, “The great impression”.