[REVIEW] Young Thug – Beautiful Thugger Girls

Young Thug is truly one of the leading contemporary creative forces in Hip-Hop's wave/ evolution of trap-pop sub-genres. 'Beautiful Thugger Girls' isn't much of a stylistic advancement in terms of his start-stop flow and roaming, stream-of-conscious lyrics - preaching about his extravagant lifestyle. But there's a difference in tone that reinforces Young Thug's originality. Thugger… Continue reading [REVIEW] Young Thug – Beautiful Thugger Girls


Hey Geronimo – Crashing into the Sun Review

By Rhys Prka Hey Geronimo are an Australian five piece band from Brisbane and  their debut album is ‘Crashing Into The Sun’, an interesting endeavour that shows a lot of promise. The band has been around for a while, dropping two EPs since 2012, but they have been quiet for a few years and it shows in… Continue reading Hey Geronimo – Crashing into the Sun Review


Festivals: Female Artist Phobic?

If you take a look at the photo from this year’s Listen Out Festival that accompanies this article, you’ll notice it’s one of Australian hip hop’s fastest rising stars – Tkay Maidza. Already coined as our own Azealia Banks (although I will argue she’s already surpassed that particular artist if not in talent, definitely in… Continue reading Festivals: Female Artist Phobic?


Tune In

Listen up The idea intensified and has now morphed into more than just the ‘Radio and Sound Club’ that started it off; Radio Murdoch wants to be the voice of the student body and aims to do that by getting everyone involved. “All good things come with groups of like-minded people getting together,” says Brian, noting that the station is for all students, regardless of faculty.

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Glass Animals – Zaba

It’s almost as if British four-piece Glass Animals saw the gap in 2012 buzz band Alt-J’s album cycle and thought ‘now’s our time to strike’. And strike they have, with their debut LP, Zaba, filling the gap left by the aforementioned angular outfit as they work towards their new release while also dealing with the… Continue reading Glass Animals – Zaba