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Bus Plunges Off Cliff, Leaving 45 Dead

A horrific accident claimed the lives of 45 people near Mmamatlakala in Limpopo province, South Africa, on Thursday. A bus carrying worshippers on their way to an Easter celebration reportedly lost control, collided with barriers, and plunged off a cliff.

News outlets across the globe reported on the devastating event. According to, the bus was traveling from Botswana to Moria in northern South Africa. The crash site is approximately 300 kilometers north of Johannesburg.

Details surrounding the cause of the accident are still emerging. reported that the driver may have lost control of the vehicle while crossing a bridge. The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) stated that one passenger, an eight-year-old girl, miraculously survived the crash and was airlifted to a hospital.

This is a developing story, and authorities are continuing their investigation.

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