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Brutal Crash: Itzulia Basque Country Cut Short: Star Cyclists Hospitalized 

The Itzulia Basque Country cycling race was abruptly cancelled after a major crash on [date of crash] left several riders injured, including prominent figures in the sport [7NEWS].

According to reports from news outlets like 7NEWS, the incident involved multiple cyclists colliding at high speed, with some riders being “thrown everywhere” [7NEWS]. The severity of the crash forced race organizers to make the difficult decision to cancel the remaining stages, prioritizing the well-being of the riders.

Among those injured were major cycling stars:

  • Double Tour de France Champion: A two-time winner of the prestigious Tour de France was rushed to the hospital after being involved in the crash []. While the specific rider’s name isn’t mentioned, it highlights the significant figures impacted by the accident.
  • Jay Vine: The leading Australian rider, Jay Vine, also sustained serious injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment [7NEWS].
  • Remco Evenepoel: Evenepoel, the reigning World Champion, managed to avoid a major collision but did suffer a broken collarbone and shoulder blade which will require surgery [7NEWS].

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent dangers of professional cycling. While the sport pushes athletes to achieve incredible feats, safety remains paramount. The Itzulia Basque Country cancellation emphasizes the importance of prioritizing rider well-being and ensuring proper medical attention after such unfortunate events.






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