The Quenda Files: Fireworks and Racism

Troy and Roland ramble on about yesterday’s news including the Fremantle firework ban, systemic racism, staff strikes and fossil fuel divestment. Practice makes perfect as most of last week’s technical blips are ironed out and the volume tends to be more even too! We even wrote a few notes down to plan what were going to say but quickly lost them.

We should bring Muhammed Sheglabo home, make him a cup of tea and talk to him.

Think about your life right now, you live in a safe, prosperous nation, you get to frolic around our beautiful Murdoch campus, surrounded by attractive, intelligent people and learning skills that will bring prosperity to your life and community. Compare that to an ISIS fighter, living in a shit, desolate, lawless desert fighting a futile, perpetual battle, mostly against people of the same faith, destined to die in ditch, hated by the world. The fact is, for Muhammed Sheglabo, being an ISIS fighter seemed like a better option, with a brighter future, and that isn’t normal.

A lot of people see university as this one final obstacle they have to overcome before their life truly begins. People constantly ask me “why haven’t you finished yet?” As though I’m holding them back as well. That’s the wrong approach. University is as much a part of your life as any other part of it and if we embrace that, and aim to contribute as much as we can we’ll all have a better experience for it. This campus has never been worse off for a students involvement in it.

What else? Oh yeah, how about that Rockingham decision? In the likely event that you don’t read student announcements; Rockingham undergraduate courses have been cancelled, saving Murdoch $5 million over 3 years. Now I managed to procure the original master plan for the Rockingham campus recently. It wasn’t found in the University archives, which probably explains why the state of the campus appears to have been frozen since 1996. According to the original blueprint, by 2015 Rockingham was meant to be a full fledged campus with on-site student accommodation and over 2000 students. Funnily enough, 2000 students was cited by Murdoch as the number of students they would need to have enrolled at Rockingham for it to be financially sustainable while justifying its decision to reduce the number of students to zero.