Editorial Team

METIOR Magazine is made possible by a passionate pool of contributors, with a small dedicated team of editorial staff keeping the publication hydrated and well fed.

No one on the editorial team receives remuneration in any form, and is driven mainly by a passion for journalism, the satisfaction of making METIOR great and copious amounts of coffee.

METIOR is currently looking for Murdoch students who are keen to take up heavier roles within the magazine. To apply, please send an expression of interest to the Editor. More positions will be added as the publication grows.

Editorial Staff



The sub-editor position is a mix of different roles, one of them being the ‘wingperson’ of the Editor and working together to keep things going.

Social Media and PR: Position available

We are looking for someone who is capable of increasing METIOR’s readership and visibility on the web. Would suit a Marketing or PR major.

Archiver: Position available

Did you know that Gotye was on the front page before he became famous? METIOR has about 30 years of hard copy magazines that need to see the light of day. If you are interested in dust and history, this position would suit you.

Design & Print

Each editor produces four editions per year.


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