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A Life Cut Short: Bodybuilder Débora Michels Found Dead, Husband Confesses

The fitness community is reeling after the tragic death of Brazilian bodybuilder Débora Michels, known online as Deby. The 30-year-old influencer was found lifeless on the pavement outside her parents’ home in Rio Grande do Sul on Friday morning. The circumstances surrounding her death took a shocking turn when her husband, Alexander Gunsch, confessed to the crime.

Michels, a vibrant and inspiring figure, had amassed a dedicated following on Instagram. Her regular posts documented her journey as a personal trainer, showcasing her dedication to fitness and healthy living. Her friend, Deise Chemelo, described her as “a magnetic person” who brought joy to everyone around her.

The discovery of Michels’ body sent shockwaves through social media. Images depict her lying on the pavement, covered in a red cloth, just yards from the home she shared with her parents. According to local media reports, CCTV footage captured Gunsch placing her body there before fleeing in his car.

Authorities allege that during a heated argument, Gunsch grabbed Michels by the neck, lifted her, and threw her against a wardrobe, rendering her unconscious. He claims to have panicked upon realizing she was dead and transported her body to her parents’ house with the intention of taking her to the hospital. However, the narrative unravels as he admits to simply leaving her lifeless body outside their doorstep.

The news of Gunsch’s confession has ignited outrage. Michels’ brother, Alex, expressed the family’s grief and resolute demand for justice: “This situation is revolting. What our family wants is justice. You cannot leave anyone unpunished.”

Women’s rights advocates have also spoken out, emphasizing the tragic case as an instance of femicide, the targeted killing of a woman due to her gender. Cleusa Spinato, from the Specialised Police Station, confirmed that authorities are treating the case as such, with Gunsch as the primary suspect.

As the investigation continues, a cloud of grief hangs over Michels’ friends and family. Her funeral, held on Saturday morning, was a somber occasion to mourn the loss of a cherished daughter, a supportive friend, and a passionate fitness influencer. Michels’ legacy lives on through her online presence and the countless lives she touched with her positive energy and dedication to health.






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