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6-Year-Old Forced on Treadmill by Dad Who Called Him “Fat” Dies! Texts Reveal Shocking Motive

Court Hears Disturbing Texts and Witness Testimony

A father, Christopher J. Gregor (31), is on trial for allegedly murdering his six-year-old son, Corey Micciolo. The prosecution presented disturbing evidence, including text messages and witness testimony, suggesting Corey was abused by his father leading up to his death in April 2021.

Alleged Abuse and Treadmill Incident

Corey’s mother, Breanna Micciolo, testified that she noticed bruises on her son and believed he was being routinely abused by Gregor. She also claimed the treadmill, shown in CCTV footage from the gym, was used as punishment. The footage shows Corey falling repeatedly from the fast-paced machine while Gregor puts him back on. Micciolo says Gregor believed Corey was “too fat” and forced him to run for this reason.

Texts Show Dismissive Attitude

Micciolo presented text messages allegedly exchanged with Gregor where she expressed concern about Corey’s injuries. In one instance, she reported Corey being upset and almost crying after Gregor “smacked a ball” out of his hand. The response allegedly downplayed the incident, calling Corey “overemotional” and suggesting he “needs to be a little tougher.”

Defense Claims Unrelated Illness

Gregor’s lawyer, Mario Gallucci, argues that Corey’s death resulted from sepsis caused by pneumonia and denies any abuse played a role. The trial is ongoing, with experts expected to testify for both the prosecution and defense.

Corey’s Death Ruled Homicide

An autopsy concluded Corey died from blunt force injuries and Corey himself reportedly told a doctor his father made him run because he was “too fat.” Despite a pediatrician not finding anything alarming during an earlier visit, Corey’s death was ultimately classified as a homicide due to chronic child abuse.






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