METIOR is hiring!

Do you like words, arranged in sentences and paragraphs? Are you wildly opinionated and unreasonably idealistic? Of course you are, you’re a uni student. METIOR is looking for contributors, so if you’d like the opportunity to share your thoughts with more than just your 18 twitter followers, maybe we can help each other out.

As an editor for METIOR your role will be to seek and review contributor submissions, to work with contributors to help them get their work ready for print/screen, to build relationships and liaise with clubs and faculty groups to promote METIOR as a place for students to have their voice heard.

  • Political editors: We are looking for two politically charged people from either end of the spectrum to bring a balance of political opinion to the pages of METIOR. Passionate debates welcome, just no knife fight tie breakers.


  • Comedy editor: Do you see the humour in everything around you? Are you never without a witty retort? Does your commentary/satire have a razor’s edge to it? Or do you just love making people laugh so hard they give that awesome little snort? Consider putting your talents and energy into being METIOR’s new Comedy editor.


  • Creative editor: Is art, words, puzzles, videogames, and interpretive dance more your deal? METIOR would love to have you as their new creative editor to help feature the work of Murdoch’s up and coming creative talents.


  • Contributors: Have a story to tell? An opinion to passionately argue for? But don’t want to have to commit to being an editor? METIOR is always accepting submissions for print or pixel (The website. I was trying to be cute). Have your words immortalized in your campus magazine. Seriously, our archives go all the way back to the very first volume printed in 1974. Your words will live on well past your graduation. There are no prerequisites for writing for METIOR; all you need is passion, be it for campus news or short fiction or poetry or comedy or film reviews. You can write as many or as few articles as you like, but we need content and we need you! If you have an interest or soapbox or a high horse, we want to know about it. And if English is not your first language, but you still have a story you want to share, don’t be put off! We are happy to work with you to help you get your story told.

Positions need to be filled in time for work to begin on issue 2 in week 6. Applicants for editor positions will have an advantage in selection if they have been involved in issue 1, so email us and get involved now!

For more information about writing for METIOR, see here.

To apply, send us a cover letter, a copy of your resume, and a 300 word article on the topic you’d like to edit. Applications should be directed to


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