Bing! I just received a message from my mate who’d sent me an image of an abandoned old folks home. Not only was it an old folks home, but it pictured a large, smooth, dreamy pool located in the home’s recreation area. It was just asking to be skated. He knew the area well as he used to swim in it as a kid, when his grandparents stayed there. We checked the location on Google Maps, messaged the crew and planned the shred the next morning.


The climb in was pretty standard. The lack of barb wire made a fairly easy entry.


We had to explore the area for quite a bit, but we eventually found the pool.


Sunny, quiet and no one around to kick us out. It was shaping up to be a great session.

tumblr_mou27ik3VF1spd3sxo1_1280tumblr_mou2oiD8K11spd3sxo1_1280tumblr_mou2e0fxXx1spd3sxo1_1280Otes and Macca decided to explore the abandoned area. I joined them.


While on the roof, I noticed an abandoned room stacked with unopened Christmas presents, two Christmas trees and the original packaging for an old Mac computer. The room was intriguing yet it had an extreme eeriness to it. The door was unlocked but someone had placed a stick in the door slot. I managed to open it just enough to stick my camera through and take a snap. Macca handed me a broomstick to try and get one of the presents, to see what was in them. I managed to topple the pile over. The presents were all empty…

tumblr_mtqsc0rFPw1spd3sxo1_1280I walked on the roofs that surrounded the pool to get some ariel shots.

tumblr_mou2fpY3No1spd3sxo1_1280tumblr_nqc2yaV6101uz4x2do1_1280It was a rad day.

~ย R.i.p

Story and article by Harry Cunningham. Check out his blog here or his website here.

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