An Interview with Circle’s Director and Writer

One Hell of a Show. The Road to Success. A Modicum of Inspiration.

Play: Circle

Company: Modicum Theatre (Perth Inc)
Director: Leigh Fitzpatrick
Writer: Sean Wcislo
Venue: Studio 411, 90 South Street (Murdoch University)
Showings: Thursday Opening night: July 28th, 29th & 30th

Leigh Fitzpatrick (Director)
Sean Wcislo (Writer, Assistant director)

Ariana: How did you find the actors for Circle?
Leigh: We found the actors through networking. It was mainly people who knew Sean and his play ‘Roommates Live from Apartment 19’ who showed interest and went to auditions. (on March 4th)

Ariana: What inspired you to write Circle?
Sean: I liked the idea that people go on road trips and things happen. Where these friends get lost and the only source of action/tension was each other. I was also interested in the course their relationships took when they were tested.

Ariana: What was it like working with Modicum Theatre?
Leigh: They have a different viewpoint when it comes to theatre. As the current vice president, I’m very involved in the theatre’s committee. We’re about learning, you’ll never find out if someone’s a born leading performer if they’re stuck playing minor roles.

Sean: I’m glad it happened

Ariana: How long did it take you to write the script for Circle?
Sean: The idea was a few years old. I’ve been adding to it slowly for awhile. At the beginning of this year I really got down to writing the rough draft. I nearly wrote 25% of it in one night.The first draft of the script took me about a month to write.

Leigh: Sean took the script to one of the Roommate Live rehearsals. As I had plenty of time offstage, I was able to read through and I knew then that I wanted to direct it. .

Ariana: What was your artistic vision as director?
Leigh: “I’ve always wondered about the subtlety , “the characters have history” Using minimalism to let the characters speak for themselves without anything distracting is important.

Ariana: What stood out the most during rehearsals?
Sean: I enjoyed how the actors have engaged with the script enough to take their experiences outside of rehearsals.

Ariana: What stood out during the rehearsal process/realising the script on stage?
Leigh: We’ve been having rehearsals for the last four months” There are certain moments in the script that are eminently relatable.” “The cast was great” “Having a five person ensemble made rehearsals more intense and allowed out to concentrate on making the characters ‘humanly real’ and multidimensional.”

Ariana: How were the characters in the script created/inspired?
Sean: the plot and events were planned before the characters. The characters were created based on their necessity, then were fleshed out from there.

Ariana: What was it like working with the production team?
Leigh: I was continually amazed at the quality of the work people were willing to put their efforts into. I am continually amazed as to their love of the arts.

Ariana: What did you do as an assistant director?
Sean: I helped the director with taking notes and filling in when necessary. When Leigh took notes on actors, I’d be supportive by taking notes on the production side and vice versa.

Ariana: How would you describe the play Circle, to an audience?
Leigh: It’s a tragicomedy it’s about the nature of friendship and the pointlessness of hiding from the inevitable. Also it’s about a road trip through hell. So that’s cool.

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