Our Beach

Foreign shores, close to home. That is probably the best way to describe the three little doorways into the ocean that surround this house. At least, from your perspective, it is certainly foreign. This house, this town, this face.

Rockingham gets a little chilly in the winter but it is certainly bearable. Then of course you have days where the cloud breaks and it’s warm enough to burn mid winter. And I suppose there is never a bad day for a walk along the beach.

Of the three I have trouble choosing a favourite. Before your visit I would walk from one, to the other, and to the other. Safety Bay, 5 minutes south, is popular among the kitesurfers. Shoalwater has the islands and Point Peron, natural marvels if you ask me. The Rockingham foreshore is nice if you don’t mind the people and the boats.

I have always wondered which one you might like the best. Though I know your affinity for the sunset and for striking colours… on that token I would choose Shoalwater. We can stand by the footpath and watch the sun set, clouds permitting of course.

We can always go down on to the sand. A little cold perhaps but I think the fire we share should keep us warm, or arms wrapped in sweaters. I think it is true, you are Queen of the sea, because no matter how far you have come you look to be at home.

There is peace here at the waters edge. We can cast the worst of ourselves into the cold ocean waves, and keep the best of ourselves here safely on the shore.

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