An Introduction

Dear Reader,

You probably don’t know me. I’m Joel and I’m a new regular contributor here at Metior. I’m planning on being here a while, so I thought it might be nice to start out by introducing myself.

I once wrestled Vladimir Putin, shirtless, in a mud pit. I once rode the length of Denmark on a bicycle to avoid an argument. I am an avid collector of those little bread tab things. I am outrageously bisexual. I have a habit of walking into parties and other social situations only to immediately walk out again. I lose my composure when the volume sits on an odd number for any longer than a few seconds.

Most of that is quite obviously bullshit. I only wish I were so interesting. I have been described as a bore on more than one occasion. One or two of those things on the list above might be true though, I’ll let you guess which. At the very least I lead a rich inner life and have a little imagination and that is something I hope to share with everybody here from now on.

But in the interest of being at least somewhat real I will tell you the basics. I’m 25 and have just started my first year at Murdoch. I major in English and Creative Writing because I love to read and write. On occasion I’m a super charged mess with NO CHILL WHATSOEVER. I treat the delivery of the yearly Ikea catalogue as an occasion on par with Christmas. I am definitely getting a Star Wars tattoo before the year is out.

So that’s all about me I guess. You can catch me in this space weekly (or fortnightly, depends) rain, hail, or shine. My desk is inside, away from the weather, so honestly there is no excuse.

Have a nice semester everybody!


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