I saw you watching from the corner of your eye. A palette of monotones in blue, and black, and white. The moonlight was cold but your breath was warm.

Can you fall in love with shadows and silhouettes? Never before had I been so mesmerised by the back of a head resting on a pillow.

I hope I will see your face again. I can’t stay still like this when life is about movement. I don’t care where we go any more as long as I can go with you.

I wonder if you wear your glasses to bed because you like an extra layer between your mind and the night that exists around you.

I didn’t come here searching for some settlement. Don’t read between the lines this time. There is no more nuance left at this point.

We were never fast to fall in love but we could fall together for an idea or an ideal. I can’t give you much but I can give you affection.

The moonlight coming in through the window is calm but it excites me. Like the idea that passing strangers can become something more meaningful.

I want to believe there is more out there than loneliness behind computer screens and cold appreciation of visual moments in time. I want to capture other things. Taste, smell, and sound.

Am I worthy to be here? Are you? We can decide in the haze of the morning. I wonder if we will ever appreciate the feet which have carried us our whole lives until this moment.

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