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Interview: Endeavour Games at Murdoch

METIOR will be highlighting student run clubs, programs and initiatives on campus this year. If you would like your club, group, event or whatever profiled, contact Roland.

What inspired you to start the group?

The inspiration for the club mostly came after the drive to bring back Humans vs Zombies (HvZ). Our staff came to the decision that as a ‘gaming club’, we could organise or help out with other games that create the same sense of competition and fun that HvZ always has. That’s also where the club name came from: we’re endeavouring to get people together, having fun and competing.

For those unfamiliar, what is Humans vs Zombies?

HvZ is, more or less, tag with a theme. Two sides compete against each other to be the last team standing. One team are Humans (we call them Survivors for our advertising and such), they’re armed with Nerf blasters. All but three people start as Humans. The others are zombies. They don’t get guns, but they tag Human players to make them zombies. If they ‘turn’ all the Human players, they win. If there are humans left, humans win. It’s ridiculous and the best kind of fun, exactly what uni students need to relax.

Innocent, unarmed zombies

We’ve had HvZ at Murdoch a few times before, what are the best aspects you hope to recapture, and what will be new this time?

I only took part in the 2014 season of HvZ unfortunately, so that’s really my only frame of reference. We only had about 60 players, compared to about 200 in 2013, and even more in 2012. I’ve been told it was run in 2011 as well but I haven’t found anyone that took part. The biggest aim for 2016 is to achieve the sense of teamwork that 2014 had. Everyone enjoyed the Us vs Them, where Them could be Us if you weren’t careful. People explored more of the campus than they would have just for classes and that made things pretty interesting too. We’re hoping to implement a few small ideas, but the biggest change this year is the Costume Competition. Come dress as a zombie or a human in the zombie apocalypse, get your photo taken for our Wanted Posters, and on Friday the 18th we have judges coming in to decide on the best. As well as two of our staff members, and a Guild representative, we have a couple of popular cosplayers (Lady Jaded and Darkforce) coming down as judges. We’re also planning a Hunt the Guild event where a few Council members will make targets of themselves. Beyond that we’re hoping to add a few extra events snd attractions for Round Two.

Murderous, vile humans

What sort of people should sign up for HvZ?

Everyone. Everyone should sign up because its the most fun you can have on campus! In all seriousness, anyone who likes active games, role-playing, dressing up or just anyone who owns a Nerf blaster should at least give it a shot. It costs nothing and you’ll make new friends and have fun. I’d be pretty sad not to see a METIOR rep at some of the events!

Do you have any other plans or ambitions for the year?

Plans for the rest of the year are pretty much going to be guided by how popular Round One is. We’re really hoping, eventually, to run HvZ twice a semester, or at least twice a year. We’re always on the lookout for new games and events we can run as well.

What sort of support/input/help would you like and how can other students get involved?

All we’re asking for right now is for a huge show of support from the student body. The more interest HvZ gets, the more events Endeavour Games can run for students. We’re also looking for donations of unloved Nerf blasters that we can offer for sale to interested but unarmed students, with the proceeds going towards future projects, better prizes and maybe HvZ MurderU merchandise so players can show off their interest. We’ll also be opening up the club to regular members during week one, to help with planning, staffing and arranging events.

You can like Endeavour Games on Facebook or find out more about Humans vs Zombies Round 1 here.

Photos from Humans vs Zombies 2011

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