High Visability

High Visibility is the latest original artistic endeavour to hit the streets of Perth aiming to blurr the lines of how the individual expects to engage with art. For the past few weeks, and running until August 27, every Wednesday at the Perth Train Station you can expect to find a lovely lady in a high visibility vest standing timidly and touting “free art?” as you walk by.

My suggestion is, don’t just walk by, it’s free art! What more could you want?

The artwork comes in the form of a neatly folded A3 page, featuring a limited edition print by a differing artist every week. This project will surely reinvigorate your Wednesday morning, and if you’re anything like me, it will invent the challenge to ‘catch ‘em all.’

As the weeks progress, you can expect to see Paper Mountain’s gallery space evolve with the addition of the weekly artwork. As part of the Winter Arts Festival this project, curated by Melissa McGrath, is a refreshing take on street art, a subtle notion to remove the artworks from a wall and instead deliver them straight to your hand, throwing a splash of colour in an otherwise dreary winter commute and challenging your perception of the value of art.

For more information on the weekly artwork visit: http://high-visibility.tumblr.com/

Words by Olivia Gardner

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